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Millionairess Annie Turnbo Malone

Annie Turnbo Malone – Hairdresser Turned Millionaire

20 May 16
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Before Oprah Winfrey and Madame C. J. Walker there was Annie Turnbo Malone – an Africa American entrepreneur and philanthropist during the early 20th century. Malone is recorded as the U.S.’s first Black woman millionaire! This was based on reports of $14 million on assets held in 1920, from her beauty and cosmetic enterprises that were headquartered in St. Louis and Chicago.

Millionairess Annie Turnbo Malone in Mink Coat

Annie Turnbo attended school in Illinois, where she apprenticed with her sister as a hairdresser. By 1898, Malone had developed her own scalp and hair products that she demonstrated and sold from a buggy throughout Illinois.

Poro Beauty Products Company Created by Millionairess Annie Turnbo Malone

In 1902, Malone’s business growth led her to St Louis, Missouri, which at the time held the 4th largest population of African Americans. St. Louis was where she copyrighted her Poro Beauty products. By 1917, Malone opened the doors of Poro College, a beauty college which was later attended by Madam C.J. Walker. The school reportedly graduated about 75,000 agents world-wide. During the Great Depression, she moved from Missouri to Chicago’s South Side.


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Turn a “Chair Hopper” into a Steady Client!

18 May 16
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Here are Four Steps to Turn a CHAIR HOPPER into a STEADY CLIENT!!!!!!!

Did you know that 80% of shop goers who visit the same barber regularly admit they have no problem being caught in the chair of another barber?

Have you ever had a client come to you sporadically only to have you fix someone else’s mistake?

Are you tired of these “SHOPPER HOPPERS” who you only see every six months? Have you often wondered how to retain and stop them from bouncing from one barber to the next?

Sometimes they’re shopping price or just keep feeling with various aspects of the shop experiences. Try to learn from them the reasons they’re unhappy in different shops. This is a great source of information about what clients want and need.

Don’t get involved in knocking other barbers or shops. Find out why? Find out what was wrong, when fixing someone else’s work because it helps to understand that barber’s approach and not repeat it.

If a client leaves and returns to a shop at a later date, they risk a change in pricing. Then have a conversation about what happened, and that because of the CHAIR HOPPING they’re coming in as a “NEW CLIENT” under current prices and structure. In order to stay at that rate and avoid any other increases, it’s best for them to stay loyal.

Don’t say anything negative about their SHOPPING HOPPING. Don’t repeat what the client tells you about being unhappy in other businesses. Explain what is going on at each step of the process and make sure they are OK with what is about to be done , keep in mind that the client may be nervous if they have had a bad experience, so treat them as you want to be treated. It is worth taking the extra time because there is no client more loyal than a client who has come to you after a bad experience, and comes away feeling that you took proper care of them!

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How to Shave Your Face the Right Way Taught by a Barber

How to Shave Face the Right Way

04 May 16
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We’ve had it backward this whole time.

Shaving – shaving your face – is all about taking care of the skin underneath. So we’ve devised a No B.S., who cares-how-many-blades routine that will keep your baby face feeling as good as it looks.

1. Repeat: “Shaving is skin care. “
Don’t think of this as the act of slicing off facial hair- stubble is dead and feels nothing, Once you’ve accepted this as your guiding principle, your mission becomes clearer.

2. Slow Down
Yes mornings are a groggy hustle to get out the door but try not grab a razor the moment you wake up. Your face is puffy when you roll out of bed. Wait ten minutes.

3. Shaving Starts with a Shvitz
Dermatologist suggest shaving in the shower, where the steam helps open your pores and allows for a cleaner closer cut.

4. Oil Your Face
Try one of those newfangled pre-shave oils you might have heard about. It’ll soften your stubble and create a smoother landscape for your razor. A pre-shave oil fills in the valleys.

5. Try a More Loving Lather
Even after the shower and the shave oil, you still need to lather up, but steer clear of Dad’s trusty foam. It can dry out your skin.

6. Master the Angle of Attack
Hold the razor flush against your face, but no need to apply extra pressure- modern blades are so sharp that a feathery touch will do.

7. Study the Map of Your Face
Note the various direction that your beard hair grows if you’re unsure, let the stubble grow a few days to find out. Now shave with the grain once. Cheeks first, then neck, then lips – using your fingers to keep your skin taut. (Lather up again if needed.)

8. Alcohol
Alcohol is for drinking and not for After Shave. Splash a little cold water to help rehydrate your skin, then rub in a little moisturizer.

9. Admire your Beautiful Mug
Look at that! Beard gone, skin still there and healthier than ever!

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Soft Skills and Salesmanship as a Barber and Stylist

18 Apr 16
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At Graham’s Barber College, we teach practical and advanced barbering skills ~ but we also teach our students everyday business skills that are needed to be a successful barber and profitable business. These include what are called soft-skills like customer service and communication, and also salesmanship and marketing.

Our students often think of themselves as technicians, but that is an incomplete understanding of the barber and stylist professions. We teach our students they are salesmen and saleswomen ~ and so they also must learn sales skills to succeed.

As a business person, we all must learn to sell our products and services.

In this vein, i would like to share these 5 Compelling Sales Words:


Using these words in ads, print materials, and when speaking with customers, will reinforce the idea that your business is the right place to be. Let’s take a look at the power and attraction of each word.

Everyone wants something for nothing. We all like to feel we have beaten system. Whenever possible, list items together and offer one for free. The customer feels they have received an added benefit. For products, you might try: Buy two full -size and get a travel size for free.

A guarantee offers a peace of mind. Very few people will actually take you up on fulfilling a guarantee, yet it is a powerfully
attractive word to bring in business.

So many of us use coupons that we are all well aware that offers don’t stick around forever. If you want the benefit of the offer, we have act now. A limited time offer is a great way to boost sales during slow times.

Americans are particularly attracted to the idea of being or having the best. If products you offer are superior, than say so. If you have won awards or attended more training each year, say so. “LOOKS LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS” implies they have experienced superior service.

A benefit answers the customers question “Why should I do {purchase} this? Looking younger is a benefit. Spending less money is a benefit Using less product is benefit The fact your business is close is a benefit. Less time getting ready in the morning is benefit. Virtually any aspect of your business can be spun so that it is seen as a benefit.

These five words are universally appealing to consumers. Now that they have been pointed out you will undoubted begin to see them everywhere. Start inserting one {or more} into your existing messages and see what a difference they make.

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Learn about GI Bill® Benefits and Barber College GI Bill®’ is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). more Information about education benefits offered by VA is Available at the official U. S. Government Web site at

21 Mar 16
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Old friends and barbering professionals, Mr Ozell Graham and Carl Frasure, discuss fashion, barbering and the great benefits of the GI Bill® for veterans who want to return to school.

Carl Frasure is owner of Graham’s Barber College. Mr. Ozell Graham (unrelated to Graham’s Barber College!) is owner of the DFW barber shop, The Fade Shop, with locations in Dallas, Frisco and McKinney.

Graham’s Barber College is an approved provider for GI Bill® education benefits and qualifies for tuition assistance for our students who qualify.

You can listen to all of Ozell Grahams podcasts or visit his Facebook Page or website at

Why Give Hair and Barber Consultations?

21 Mar 16
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You give a consultation, number one, to make your client feel more comfortable with you and your knowledge of the hair business.

You need also to check the hair!

A lot of times clients will tell you one thing and they have done another. Clients may not know they have breakage and you need to let them know, before starting, so consumers won’t think you caused the damage. If Color is presence it needs to be dealt with. Sometimes different textures are present. Consultations also determine cost factors. No one likes to be surprised when cost is involved. If the work is worth $150.00 and you’ve quoted $75.00… you’re short.

Give consultations on the service and products used. Informing clients of what to do and why you choose certain techniques. So many customers come in and they have different myths about hair, and you have to talk to them and try to change their minds [educate them] on the new technologies and new products on the market [now] compared to what was done a long time ago. Retail ! Retail ! Sales increase the bottom line.

Finally a consultation to make this person a friend before a service is rendered. You must analyze the person’s personality. Find out what they want because some people have preconceptions of what they want. During consultations, lastly put that bug in their ear for future services.

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{Photo Credit: Photo by Everett Collection / Rex Features (501896i)/ “THE GREAT DICTATOR,” Paulette Goddard, Charlie Chaplin – 1940, CHARLIE CHAPLIN}

Barber Tricks - Lather - Barber School Dallas

Some of The Oldest Barber Tricks In The Bathroom

21 Mar 16
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Some of the oldest barber and personal grooming tricks in the bathroom continue to work because of their simplicity and basic sense and mechanics

1. Smooth Shaving: Safety razors- the simple nickel a-blade ones- are getting back into the game. Upside: You feel like a 1950’s movie star while saving money. Downside: They require time and patience (especially around the tricky spots, like you upper lip.) If you are always running late, stick with a many-bladed drugstore wonder.

2. Save Face: Avoid the thick lather ones that go on easy but makes your cheeks feel like they’ve been wandering the desert for a week. Upgrade to a aloe brand it’s smooth and soothing, so razor burn won’t be a problem.

3. Pomade: Looking for a rubber – cement strong hold for your Do? Then glop on the oldest Original Pomade the one in the orange can. Just know this wax is almost hard to get rid of as the herpes. Upgrade: Spend a little more and get the same amount of hold but with a water based product for easy cleanup and spend less on shampoo.

4. The Sting: After Shave like the one with the best dressed dude in the top hat are alcohol based, meaning the sting like hell, dry you out, and reek like a million mothballs. Upgrade: All of the better department stores carry a variety of scents. Some that have that old world barbershop vibe but won’t make you scream like the kid in Home Alone.

I guess in essence, I’m saying – like everything (including Professional Barber services) you get what you pay for.

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