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Soft Skills and Salesmanship as a Barber and Stylist

18 Apr 16
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At Graham’s Barber College, we teach practical and advanced barbering skills ~ but we also teach our students everyday business skills that are needed to be a successful barber and profitable business. These include what are called soft-skills like customer service and communication, and also salesmanship and marketing.

Our students often think of themselves as technicians, but that is an incomplete understanding of the barber and stylist professions. We teach our students they are salesmen and saleswomen ~ and so they also must learn sales skills to succeed.

As a business person, we all must learn to sell our products and services.

In this vein, i would like to share these 5 Compelling Sales Words:


Using these words in ads, print materials, and when speaking with customers, will reinforce the idea that your business is the right place to be. Let’s take a look at the power and attraction of each word.

Everyone wants something for nothing. We all like to feel we have beaten system. Whenever possible, list items together and offer one for free. The customer feels they have received an added benefit. For products, you might try: Buy two full -size and get a travel size for free.

A guarantee offers a peace of mind. Very few people will actually take you up on fulfilling a guarantee, yet it is a powerfully
attractive word to bring in business.

So many of us use coupons that we are all well aware that offers don’t stick around forever. If you want the benefit of the offer, we have act now. A limited time offer is a great way to boost sales during slow times.

Americans are particularly attracted to the idea of being or having the best. If products you offer are superior, than say so. If you have won awards or attended more training each year, say so. “LOOKS LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS” implies they have experienced superior service.

A benefit answers the customers question “Why should I do {purchase} this? Looking younger is a benefit. Spending less money is a benefit Using less product is benefit The fact your business is close is a benefit. Less time getting ready in the morning is benefit. Virtually any aspect of your business can be spun so that it is seen as a benefit.

These five words are universally appealing to consumers. Now that they have been pointed out you will undoubted begin to see them everywhere. Start inserting one {or more} into your existing messages and see what a difference they make.

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