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How to Shave Your Face the Right Way Taught by a Barber

How to Shave Face the Right Way

04 May 16
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We’ve had it backward this whole time.

Shaving – shaving your face – is all about taking care of the skin underneath. So we’ve devised a No B.S., who cares-how-many-blades routine that will keep your baby face feeling as good as it looks.

1. Repeat: “Shaving is skin care. “
Don’t think of this as the act of slicing off facial hair- stubble is dead and feels nothing, Once you’ve accepted this as your guiding principle, your mission becomes clearer.

2. Slow Down
Yes mornings are a groggy hustle to get out the door but try not grab a razor the moment you wake up. Your face is puffy when you roll out of bed. Wait ten minutes.

3. Shaving Starts with a Shvitz
Dermatologist suggest shaving in the shower, where the steam helps open your pores and allows for a cleaner closer cut.

4. Oil Your Face
Try one of those newfangled pre-shave oils you might have heard about. It’ll soften your stubble and create a smoother landscape for your razor. A pre-shave oil fills in the valleys.

5. Try a More Loving Lather
Even after the shower and the shave oil, you still need to lather up, but steer clear of Dad’s trusty foam. It can dry out your skin.

6. Master the Angle of Attack
Hold the razor flush against your face, but no need to apply extra pressure- modern blades are so sharp that a feathery touch will do.

7. Study the Map of Your Face
Note the various direction that your beard hair grows if you’re unsure, let the stubble grow a few days to find out. Now shave with the grain once. Cheeks first, then neck, then lips – using your fingers to keep your skin taut. (Lather up again if needed.)

8. Alcohol
Alcohol is for drinking and not for After Shave. Splash a little cold water to help rehydrate your skin, then rub in a little moisturizer.

9. Admire your Beautiful Mug
Look at that! Beard gone, skin still there and healthier than ever!

Grahams Barber College