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A Career as a Barber or Hair Stylist is Rewarding and Fulfilling. Learn How You Can Have the Life and Future You Dream About. It Is Possible!

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Who wants a job when they can have a Career! A career can mean making your own hours, being your own boss, having your own company, having the life you want, for yourself and your family!

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Graham’s Barber College is approved for GI Bill Assistance under the Post 9/11 and Montgomery Bill. Both Veterans and their dependents may qualify! Call us today to learn more! A new career IS POSSIBLE!

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Barbers and Stylists LOVE their jobs! Many of our students say they have wanted to be a barber or hair stylist since they were a kid. Is this you? Call us today and discuss your new career! IT IS POSSIBLE!

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Graham’s Barber College is over four decades old – the oldest in DFW – and our instructors the most experienced. Give us a call and take a tour. We are sure you will be impressed!

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difference between cosmetology school and barber college

What is the Difference Between Barbering vs Cosmetology ?

Here at Graham’s Barber College, not a week passes that a potential student does not call and ask the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question: What is the difference in cosmetology and barbering? There many answers to this question, and too many to expound on in one article, but here is one difference: The way barbers train and learn […]

22 Jun, 2017 admin
The Arthur Anderson Barber Shop in Mattoon, Illinois, which only served white customers circa 1920


The following lesson comes from a conversation with Alexander Parker 81, Barber Shop Owner. “You know, I could teach these young boys a thing or two about cuttin’ heads, about making money cuttin’ heads.” I’ve had my license for 64 years and still can’t teach them nothin’. They know it all. Well there’s such a thing […]

6 Dec, 2016 admin
barber surgeon Master John Banister

The Barber Surgeon

The most educated people of the first ten centuries after Christ were the monks and priests. Neither nobility nor the masses could read or write. All of the accumulated medical knowledge of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans had been lost or hid away in the monasteries. There were no real Physicians or surgeons in […]

12 Oct, 2016 admin
American Dream Barber Shop Owner Small Businessman

The American Dream

The American Dream is about building a better life for yourself and having the opportunity to succeed based on your aspirations and your abilities. Most people fulfill this dream through their careers or business ownership. Millions of Americans will choose to go to work for a company that will provide regular paychecks, a sense of […]

12 Oct, 2016 admin
Barber Success


THE SUPER ACHIEVERS – as a barber, as a stylist, in life… What is a SUPER ACHIEVER? It is simply one who consistently performs at a high level of effectiveness. There are three traits that are shared by SUPER ACHIEVERS: 1. Almost without exception, they are individuals with an extraordinary amount of physical energy. When […]

6 Sep, 2016 admin
1926:  American actress Louise Brooks (1906 - 1985), the star of 'Pandora's Box'.  (Photo by Edward Thayer Monroe/John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)


The first to champion the razor’s use were the Japanese. Using their own traditional tools and technique named Nihindo, they found it a practical method for creating movement in straight hair. The Japanese realized that razoring was the best way to remove weight, to texturize, and to add movement. This was especially effective on thick […]

6 Sep, 2016 admin

Getting Started

  “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will Accomplish nothing in life.” ~Muhammad Ali At some point in your life, you probably experienced a wishful child who has set up a lemonade stand, maybe that child was you or one of your own children. What do you think the purpose was behind […]

11 Jul, 2016 admin
Barber College in Dallas Texas

The Most Effective Way To Handle WALK-INS

Walk-ins can be a good source of revenue. There are very few shops that do not need new clientele. Walk-ins should always be welcomed enthusiastically because they are new customers that have chosen to pay for services at your shop. Most shops should be trying to attract walk-ins so that they can stay busy throughout […]

24 Jun, 2016 admin

Tips for ‘Guy Color’

TIPS FOR GUY COLOR TALK IT UP Guys of every age are interested in color, but may be shy about broaching the topic. That’s DANGEROUS, because if they are not aware of what is available they may be tempted to those “MAN DYES” at the drugstore, which often result in peculiar shades of greenish black […]

7 Jun, 2016 admin
Illustation of a nineteenth-century barber shop and why barber colleges were created

Barber Schools Arrive

“In England, America and all over the civilized world, the decline of the barber was a spectacle for all to see. Barber shops became hangouts, places where low characters assembled. Smutty stories, malicious scandal and gossip of all kinds, characterized barber shops. Until a few years ago, a barbershop was a place where men showed […]

20 May, 2016 admin
Millionairess Annie Turnbo Malone

Annie Turnbo Malone – Hairdresser Turned Millionaire

Before Oprah Winfrey and Madame C. J. Walker there was Annie Turnbo Malone – an Africa American entrepreneur and philanthropist during the early 20th century. Malone is recorded as the U.S.’s first Black woman millionaire! This was based on reports of $14 million on assets held in 1920, from her beauty and cosmetic enterprises that […]

20 May, 2016 admin
Barber College in Dallas Texas

Turn a “Chair Hopper” into a Steady Client!

Here are Four Steps to Turn a CHAIR HOPPER into a STEADY CLIENT!!!!!!! Did you know that 80% of shop goers who visit the same barber regularly admit they have no problem being caught in the chair of another barber? Have you ever had a client come to you sporadically only to have you fix […]

18 May, 2016 admin
How to Shave Your Face the Right Way Taught by a Barber

How to Shave Face the Right Way

We’ve had it backward this whole time. Shaving – shaving your face – is all about taking care of the skin underneath. So we’ve devised a No B.S., who cares-how-many-blades routine that will keep your baby face feeling as good as it looks. 1. Repeat: “Shaving is skin care. “ Don’t think of this as […]

4 May, 2016 admin
IMG_1351 edit

Soft Skills and Salesmanship as a Barber and Stylist

At Graham’s Barber College, we teach practical and advanced barbering skills ~ but we also teach our students everyday business skills that are needed to be a successful barber and profitable business. These include what are called soft-skills like customer service and communication, and also salesmanship and marketing. Our students often think of themselves as […]

18 Apr, 2016 admin

Learn about GI Bill Benefits and Barber College

Old friends and barbering professionals, Mr Ozell Graham and Carl Frasure, discuss fashion, barbering and the great benefits of the GI Bill for veterans who want to return to school. Carl Frasure is owner of Graham’s Barber College. Mr. Ozell Graham (unrelated to Graham’s Barber College!) is owner of the DFW barber shop, The Fade […]

21 Mar, 2016 admin
Photo by Everett Collection / Rex Features (501896i)
 'THE GREAT DICTATOR', Paulette Goddard, Charlie Chaplin - 1940

Why Give Hair and Barber Consultations?

You give a consultation, number one, to make your client feel more comfortable with you and your knowledge of the hair business. You need also to check the hair! A lot of times clients will tell you one thing and they have done another. Clients may not know they have breakage and you need to […]

21 Mar, 2016 admin
Barber Tricks - Lather - Barber School Dallas

Some of The Oldest Barber Tricks In The Bathroom

Some of the oldest barber and personal grooming tricks in the bathroom continue to work because of their simplicity and basic sense and mechanics 1. Smooth Shaving: Safety razors- the simple nickel a-blade ones- are getting back into the game. Upside: You feel like a 1950’s movie star while saving money. Downside: They require time […]

21 Mar, 2016 admin