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The Most Effective Way To Handle WALK-INS

24 Jun 16
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Walk-ins can be a good source of revenue. There are very few shops that do not need new clientele.

Walk-ins should always be welcomed enthusiastically because they are new customers that have chosen to pay for services at your shop. Most shops should be trying to attract walk-ins so that they can stay busy throughout the work week. We must consider many guys find it convenient to get their hair cut impulsively and never consider making an appointment.

Since walk-ins are often strangers they are not likely to demand the owner or the a barber that is already busy. This makes them the perfect client for any barber that does not have a clientele and is trying to build a following.

After the barber is introduced to the client every effort should be made to get the client in the chair and serviced. Often the reason that they are there is because someone (another barber) kept them waiting too long!

The barber is obligated to exercise strict professional service since walk-ins can easily become a life long client. Make sure they are given a business card they may have a friend or relative that may be willing to refer if their experience is pleasant. Let them know you appreciate the business and will make every effort to provide good service.

Make the next appointment before they leave the shop. You might want to make a reminder call before the appointment. Many people appreciate your thoughtfulness and obvious desire to service them.

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