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Learn about GI Bill® Benefits and Barber College GI Bill®’ is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). more Information about education benefits offered by VA is Available at the official U. S. Government Web site at

21 Mar 16
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Old friends and barbering professionals, Mr Ozell Graham and Carl Frasure, discuss fashion, barbering and the great benefits of the GI Bill® for veterans who want to return to school.

Carl Frasure is owner of Graham’s Barber College. Mr. Ozell Graham (unrelated to Graham’s Barber College!) is owner of the DFW barber shop, The Fade Shop, with locations in Dallas, Frisco and McKinney.

Graham’s Barber College is an approved provider for GI Bill® education benefits and qualifies for tuition assistance for our students who qualify.

You can listen to all of Ozell Grahams podcasts or visit his Facebook Page or website at

Why Give Hair and Barber Consultations?

21 Mar 16
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You give a consultation, number one, to make your client feel more comfortable with you and your knowledge of the hair business.

You need also to check the hair!

A lot of times clients will tell you one thing and they have done another. Clients may not know they have breakage and you need to let them know, before starting, so consumers won’t think you caused the damage. If Color is presence it needs to be dealt with. Sometimes different textures are present. Consultations also determine cost factors. No one likes to be surprised when cost is involved. If the work is worth $150.00 and you’ve quoted $75.00… you’re short.

Give consultations on the service and products used. Informing clients of what to do and why you choose certain techniques. So many customers come in and they have different myths about hair, and you have to talk to them and try to change their minds [educate them] on the new technologies and new products on the market [now] compared to what was done a long time ago. Retail ! Retail ! Sales increase the bottom line.

Finally a consultation to make this person a friend before a service is rendered. You must analyze the person’s personality. Find out what they want because some people have preconceptions of what they want. During consultations, lastly put that bug in their ear for future services.

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{Photo Credit: Photo by Everett Collection / Rex Features (501896i)/ “THE GREAT DICTATOR,” Paulette Goddard, Charlie Chaplin – 1940, CHARLIE CHAPLIN}

Barber Tricks - Lather - Barber School Dallas

Some of The Oldest Barber Tricks In The Bathroom

21 Mar 16
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Some of the oldest barber and personal grooming tricks in the bathroom continue to work because of their simplicity and basic sense and mechanics

1. Smooth Shaving: Safety razors- the simple nickel a-blade ones- are getting back into the game. Upside: You feel like a 1950’s movie star while saving money. Downside: They require time and patience (especially around the tricky spots, like you upper lip.) If you are always running late, stick with a many-bladed drugstore wonder.

2. Save Face: Avoid the thick lather ones that go on easy but makes your cheeks feel like they’ve been wandering the desert for a week. Upgrade to a aloe brand it’s smooth and soothing, so razor burn won’t be a problem.

3. Pomade: Looking for a rubber – cement strong hold for your Do? Then glop on the oldest Original Pomade the one in the orange can. Just know this wax is almost hard to get rid of as the herpes. Upgrade: Spend a little more and get the same amount of hold but with a water based product for easy cleanup and spend less on shampoo.

4. The Sting: After Shave like the one with the best dressed dude in the top hat are alcohol based, meaning the sting like hell, dry you out, and reek like a million mothballs. Upgrade: All of the better department stores carry a variety of scents. Some that have that old world barbershop vibe but won’t make you scream like the kid in Home Alone.

I guess in essence, I’m saying – like everything (including Professional Barber services) you get what you pay for.

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