Our Mission

Mission Statement

Mission Statement
The Mission of Graham’s Barber College is to provide a well-rounded post-secondary educational experience in the art and science of Barbering. Our primary objective is to inspire and equip students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the Barbering and Instructor Texas State Board Licensing Exams. Promoting personal and professional development will allow future graduates to gain entry level careers and develop their individualism to bring to all aspects of the beauty industry.

Educational Objectives:

1. We believe in treating ourselves, each other, and the planet with care and respect.
2. We believe social responsibility is our responsibility.
3. We believe our authenticity and experience are our points of difference.
4. We believe in inspiring and educating people to integrate wellness and beauty in their lives.
5. We believe in the power of oneness; from our global image to a focused network.
6. We believe learning never ends with maximizing personal growth and development.
7. We believe in encouraging innovation and empowered decision-making.
8. We believe our actions, products and services should always embody excellence.
9. We believe personal and organizational balance is the key to sustainable business.
10. We believe true leadership is delivered with passion and by example.

Graham’s Barber College is Licensed as a Barber School by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, and Accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career of Arts & Sciences, Inc. (NACCAS)