Policies and Procedures for Barber College

Admissions Procedures


If you’re excited about the prospect of training at Graham’s Barber College, here’s all you have to do to get started.
1. Informational Interview with a school representative, conducted in person or over the phone if you live 100 miles or further from the school.
2. Submit admissions requirements (within a week after your informational interview):
∗ Personal Statement that describes in your own words, your reasons for applying to Graham’s Barber College, relevant skills and qualities you have demonstrated, and other relevant information, such as your future goals and what steps you have taken to research your choice. Your statement should be a minimum of one page on 8.5” x 11” paper.
∗ Professional Letter of Reference from an individual not related to you. Examples: employer, teacher, member of volunteer organization, minister. This may be professional or a character reference.
∗ Personal Letter of Reference from a family member or friend.
∗ Higher Education/High School Diploma/GED. If you have received higher education you may submit your Certificate of Completion or Degree. You must be a high school graduate prior to the official start date of your course. Submit a high school transcript indicating graduation OR a copy of your General Education Diploma (GED) prior to the official start date. ABT Test is available also.
∗ Copy of Social Security Card and Drivers License
3. Schedule and enrollment appointment to submit your admissions requirements. Upon acceptance you will complete the following:
∗ Enrollment Agreement
∗ Personal History Form
∗ Pay $250.00 Registration Fee


Contact the Admissions Department.
(214) 421-8040 – Main

Graham’s Barber College reserves the right to review each applicant on an individual basis. In its admissions, instruction and graduation policies, it practices no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, financial status, sex, national origin, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

Academic Information
Graduation and Licensing Requirements


Professional Standards Policies and Procedures
To help you achieve excellence in Barbering, we have established these guidelines to ensure fairness, understanding and positive work habits among our future professionals. To help prepare you for the workplace, Graham’s Barber College operates much like a professional salon environment. Late arrivals, absences and other interruptions in your training have a significant effect on your achievement- just as they would if you were an employee in a salon, day spa or other professional environment. By law, we must keep track of your training hours for licensure or certification. A future professional must have a 75% overall attendance average at the completion of their program. If this is not achieved the future professional must extend their contract to achieve this standard.