What Our Students Say

Here at Graham’s Barber College, we are genuinely touched to hear from our graduates and learn of their successes. We thought we would share a few:

To Grahams Barber College,
Thank you for your guidance and diligence! As a Grahams Barber College Graduate, I can truly say that the Class A Barber course has molded me into a confident, skilled, and creative industry professional. Grahams introduces its Class A Barber students to retailing professional products, the importance of customer service, business skills, state board preparation, accountability, punctuality, cleanliness and so much more. I walked into Grahams as a blank canvas, having had no previous experience; and walked out, with valuable life & industry lessons. As a student I was inspired by the visit we had from Great Clips; what really appealed to me was the diversity in clientele, and the opportunity to continue salon education. Great Clips offers training on different cutting techniques and industry trends, as well as information on how to cut and style all types of hair. I have been with the franchise for 6 months now, and am continuing to learn and challenge myself each and every day. Thank you so much for all that you do for your students, I look forward to seeing your school continue to grow and prosper!
Natjar Smith


Dear Grahams Barber College,
I will like to recognize Graham Barber College located in Dallas, Texas for their excellent education.
I began my journey into the hair industry in 1991 with over 25 years of experience. I became a total Concept instructor at Toni & Guy, one of the flagship cosmetology schools in Dallas, Texas and currently working for 18/8 Fine Men Salon. I am the founder of MBraids and have mastered a wide range of hair techniques including runway work, behind the science, photo shoots and competitions.
I was initially impressed with how quick and extremely organized things were done at Grahams Barber College. During the time I was enrolled completing my cross-over Class A Barber program of 300 Hours, The team worked so hard to make every barbers dream come true. The Simpatico and Professionalism is the main reason why I chose to attend Grahams Barber College.
Any future barber would love to be a student of Graham Barber College!
Emily Madera


Dear Grahams Barber College,
I would like to thank you for the great opportunity of attending your school. I’ve learned so much, and I would have never dreamed that I would be in the place that I am today. It was well worth the hour drive each day. When I’m ready to take another class I will definitely be coming back, even though I have schools closer to my area. You aii teach more than just what’s needed. You go above and beyond and teach life skills as we!!. I also learned a lot from the speakers and ether entrepreneurs that have come to the school. I having been using everything that was taught to me in my business today, and I now have over 350 clients. I can’t believe it, but I can. I was at a point to where I didn’t know what I was going to do after being laid off for the 4th time. I called several schools, but when I heard Mrs. Frasure’s voice, it was welcoming. Not like I was just another number that needed to be added to the roster. I could fee! the smile in her voice. After completing the Hairweaving course. I have been able to help numerous people that have several different issues and insecurities. I love what I do, and do not plan on going back to the workforce. I have referred so many people that are wanting to go to school for barbering to you. I let them know it’s a drive, but it’s well worth it, and I proudly display my Grahams certificate. Thank you Grahams
Myleka Samuel


North Texas Cutz
525 Fort Worth Drive
Denton, Texas 76201

Grahams Barber College helped me to grow as a professional and prepare for whatever this industry brings me. I learned so much beneficial information from my instructors while being surrounded in a positive environment. The staff with its values, standards, ethics and excellent curriculum gave me the best barber college experience I could have asked for! There is also a very strong sense of community at Grahams Barber College and I am proud to have been part of it! Grahams really cares about the student as a whole and prepares them for the next step in their careers. Grahams was a part of my life for one year and I know it will always be a part of my life. It helped me become the person I’ve always wanted to be. Since graduating I am confident, motivated, equipped and sure of what I want. Thank You Grahams Barber College!
Danny Smith


Dear Grahams College
I want to take this time out to thank Grahams Barber College for all you have done. I became a student at one of the worst times in my life with a lot of uncertainty after being laid off. After searching high and low week after week for employment and no luck. I made the decision to follow my dreams of being a hair stylist. I was referred to Grahams and was one of the best choices in my like. Through my tenure, you have had patience and have worked with me financially as a self paid student and I’m very grateful. I hope Grahams the best because you have been good to me. I am now in the process of getting my own business off the ground and loving it. I hope this school flourish and be around for years to come. You all have a heart of gold and want every student to have a chance. Thank you for giving me one ….

Tonti Denmond
Nevaeh Organic Salon


To whom it may concern,

I just want to thank Grahams Barber College for being an intricate part of my life, I been attending this school for many years to start, continue and add to my profession as a Barber. The teachers there are awesome they help you one on one to learn what is needed and more to pass the state board exam. I received my barber License in 2002 passing my state board exam with the highest score of 97 percent on the written and a 98 on the practical exam due to the elite teaching I received from this college in 2014-2016, I started on my instructor license due to the major influence, structure and guidance of the wonderful teachers there at Grahams Barber College. I want to be just like them teaching other to learn a profession that could stay with you for life in a field that is constantly growing and evolving into the world’s number one fastest beauty and barber industry. So I continued my education as a student instructor here at Grahams Barber College and successfully completed the course. Now I am currently in the process of scheduling a time to take my state board exam for instructor I am now a successful barber owning my own shop due to the constant encouragement and support of the staff there at Grahams Barber College they have so much to offer the students other than assistance on passing the state board exam. They go above and beyond the call of service to the student they are interested and still helping by reaching out to their students that graduated you can call it after care, alumni I call ‘it LOVE. The kind of love that want to see you grow and exceed in life, this is exactly what the world needs more barber colleges with instructors, career mentors and friends most of all Grahams Barber College is a family that cares. They took me in coming out of a program called The Men Of Nehemiah A 9 month in house program which is a Christian based program with a military component with strict discipline and ministry , I am recovering addict, I was homeless, and had hit rock bottom I lost everything behind drugs I felt that there was no hope for me anymore during the program D.A.R.R.S. came to the (THE MEN OF NEHEMIAH) facility and help me get back in school for my instructors license from their I started doing my ministry Clippin Crownz 4Christ Barber Shop I cut hair for free, at the homeless shelters, Christian Community Outreaches with a wide variety of churches, Christian rappers, alternative schools, juvenile centers, jails, prisons, for the last 2 years and still continue to give back to the homeless community as I grow my business.

I just want to say thank you Grahams Barber College,

For all your love and support and continue to pour out your abundance of experience, strength and hope for the students that are coming to your school. We are the product of your elite educational service; will be much honored and open to come speak to your students to encourage them to stay in the fight for better barber-stylist and instructors like you.

Johnny Vernon IV (Burbery Da Barber) & Owner
Clippin Crownz 4Christ Barber Shop
1916 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75215
(214) 909-9815 cell
(972) 807-2335 business

My experience here at Graham’s Barber College was nothing short of a miracle. Having the opportunity to meet good people like Mr. Carl and Mrs. Carol is a life changing experience. If you think you’ll just learn about cutting hair, you’re in for a ride of your life. The overall structure of the curriculum was very well put together. If you take advantage of everything offered from the school, it is very hard to fail in this industry. Take the step to contact this school whether it be over the phone or in person. My financial life has changed so dramatically and I truly owe it all to Graham’s Barber College. This place is a hidden gem.

Stephen NGuyen

As a graduate of Grahams Barber College I can say that Grahams prepares you for not only the board, but the workforce. At Grahams you gain the knowledge to be successful after course completion. After graduation they do their best to ensure you not only find employment, but a place of employment that fits your needs. Overall, Grahams Barber College is a great choice.

Charles Davis

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