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The American Dream

12 Oct 16
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The American Dream is about building a better life for yourself and having the opportunity to succeed based on your aspirations and your abilities. Most people fulfill this dream through their careers or business ownership.

Millions of Americans will choose to go to work for a company that will provide regular paychecks, a sense of security, health insurance, retirement savings plan, etc. While many will be content working for someone else, others will dream of owning and running their own business. Is this YOU?

One thing for certain, THE AMERICAN DREAM is still possible. Over 600,000 new business opened all over the country last year. Excited entrepreneurs of all ages did exactly what they needed to do to start their business.

What makes these people different? Do they have a crystal ball that allows them to see the future? New entrepreneurs simply look at the economy and figure out a way to take advantage of the opportunity that exists.

Have you decided that owning a business and being an entrepreneur is your destiny? If the answer is “YES” then we would like to be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS!! You have made your first step and you are on your way.

Grahams Barber College

Getting Started

11 Jul 16
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“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will Accomplish nothing in life.”
~Muhammad Ali

At some point in your life, you probably experienced a wishful child who has set up a lemonade stand, maybe that child was you or one of your own children. What do you think the purpose was behind setting up lemonade stand? I bet it wasn’t so that they could meet neighbors. That child saw the lemonade stand as their opportunity to make money. Now, most parents will squash the idea of a lemonade stand. Why? Because they’ve warn their little one of all the challenges, the hard work, and the slim odds of being able to make money.

A handful of these young entrepreneurs will follow through with their idea. They’ve seen kids do it. They will work hard to make signs, set up their stand, and make their pitchers of lemonade. Then most will sit and wait for cars to drive by or for people to walk by and buy their delicious ice cold lemonade.

Lemonade Stand 47332053_862157503c_o Photo by Joshua Ommen, licensed under CC Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Think about the last time you drove by a lemonade stand. Did you see kids patiently waiting for customers? Or, were they frantically waving their arms and signs and trying to grab your attention.

As you can imagine, many lemonade stands will open and close in one day. The child will realize that it wasn’t as easy as they thought. BUT, what if they would have studied the market a bit more? What if they would have made fresh-squeezed lemonade? What if they would have considered different locations, the local farmer’s market, their school’s baseball field, or in a neighborhood that was holding a local art festival event?

The more planning that goes into opening a business, even one as small as a lemonade stand, can increase the odds of success.

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