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Why Give Hair and Barber Consultations?

21 Mar 16
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You give a consultation, number one, to make your client feel more comfortable with you and your knowledge of the hair business.

You need also to check the hair!

A lot of times clients will tell you one thing and they have done another. Clients may not know they have breakage and you need to let them know, before starting, so consumers won’t think you caused the damage. If Color is presence it needs to be dealt with. Sometimes different textures are present. Consultations also determine cost factors. No one likes to be surprised when cost is involved. If the work is worth $150.00 and you’ve quoted $75.00… you’re short.

Give consultations on the service and products used. Informing clients of what to do and why you choose certain techniques. So many customers come in and they have different myths about hair, and you have to talk to them and try to change their minds [educate them] on the new technologies and new products on the market [now] compared to what was done a long time ago. Retail ! Retail ! Sales increase the bottom line.

Finally a consultation to make this person a friend before a service is rendered. You must analyze the person’s personality. Find out what they want because some people have preconceptions of what they want. During consultations, lastly put that bug in their ear for future services.

Grahams Barber College

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